Boogiecat’s Tale

Stacey and Ella working on some deisgnsElla helping with a toon

My Little Helper, Ella.

After the birth of my beautiful baby daughter Ella in 2011, my life was immersed in the colour, beauty and loving wonder that only a daughter will bring. The Disney channel replaced MTV and Peppa Pig replaced the Kardashians. Cosy teddies, pop-up books and fairy-tales full of beautiful animated cartoons and creatures surround me everywhere I turned, which is without a doubt what inspired me to eventually create Boogiecat Designs.

If there is anything I understand and appreciate, it is the uniqueness of anything personalised and to receive a personalised gift has to be the most special gift experience of all! From what I wear on a night out, to gifts I give close family and friends if it’s not personalised it’s just not me. My close friends know too well about my love of sticking, glueing, taping & tying bits and pieces to my clothes and belongings and if truth be told, sometimes even myself (much to their amusement) just to make it mine and unique.

When some of my very close friends had babies within weeks and even hours of each other, I wanted to give my friends a special personalised gift for their precious babies, something they would have forever to remember what their families were like the day they were born. I knew what I was looking for but couldn’t find it anywhere so with a lot of encouragement from my Mother, the idea I had in my head was transferred to paper and from there I painted a picture and called it the ‘Bundle of Joy’. As time went by I started getting requests from other people to do their ‘Bundles of Joy’ and from there, Bespoke Family Art began. Meanwhile my own Bundle of Joy and the love of my life, Ella was almost turning two and after every painting was complete I would ask for her opinion; her reply was, “Boogiecat Mammy”, which is Ella’s word for “Beautiful”….. and so Boogiecat Designs was born.

Today almost five years later we have another little bundle of joy in our lives, our beautiful baby son Andy, who has just turned one and has brought with him a whole new world of colour and mayhem into our lives; we are surrounded by farms, tractors and cars, and oddly enough tupperware pots – they are everywhere! He cheers and stomps around anytime he sees anything football related, whether it be on the TV or at the playground, thanks to some serious mentoring from his Daddy! A keen mountaineer, Andy has the ability to climb up onto, and into places, I didn’t even know existed in our house!! Ella has just turned six and tells me regularly how she wants to be a “Boogiecater” when she grows up. Ella just loves to put her own stamp on everything she owns – her toys, her school bag, her clothes; she loves “styling” everything she owns! Her love for drawing and colouring has had a tendency to get her into a bit of trouble over the years when her creativity has spilled out onto the walls and doors, windowsills and carpets, even her arms, hands and face. My babies are most definitely my pride and joy, and are undoubtedly at the heart of my inspiration for creating my Boogiecat fairytales every day

With the support of my family and close friends, today I continue to cater for all occasions and thoroughly enjoy designing my special Boogiecat keepsakes for my customers near and far. I feel truly honoured to be asked to help celebrate such momentous special occasions in the lives of my customers and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I hope you enjoy my site, please do not hesitate in contacting me if your occasion is not listed and I will design a special piece just for you.

Thanking all my Boogiecat customers for their amazing ideas, inspirations and continued support.

Yours truly,

Stacey & the Boogiecaters

Ella and Andy
Andy getting up to mischief
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