Hen Party Planning Tips & Ideas

8 Hen Party Planning Tips & Ideas

Hen parties are fantastic fun, but hen party planning can get stressful! There is a lot of pressure on those planning it (usually the maid-of-honour) – so that’s why we’ve decided to compile some golden tips for planning the perfect hen party for the bride-to-be and all her hens.

1. Plan the Hen Do Around The Bride’s Personality

When you’re planning a hen party you want to make it as fun as you know how to, but you want to make sure it’s catering to the bride-to-be’s personality, not yours. Your idea of fun might not be exactly the same as hers and at the end of the day, it’s all about the bride, right?  Think about what she likes to do for fun. What is her idea of a great day or night out?

Here’s a great resource from HenIt.ie to get hen party ideas that are suited specifically to your bride-to-be pal. It’s a quiz.

2. Pick A Hen Party Theme

Having a theme will get the hen party fun off to a very early start. A hen theme will possibly involve costumes, accessories and other fun details which are sure to make things interesting from the get-go. Not only will it add that layer of extra fun and personality to the proceedings, but it will help the hen party planning flow much easier for you and all the other hens involved.

If you’re looking for inspiration when picking a theme, check out this guide which includes everything from “Burlesque” to “Grannies” and everything in between.

hen party planning fun ideas

Have a hen party theme can lead to lots of laughs

3. Take All The Hens Into Consideration

Ok, the bride comes first (as above), but try not to get too fixated on one thing – because the fact is, it won’t be for everyone. There’ll probably be mums, aunts, younger sisters and so on in the mix at the hen party. Be sure they’re all considered to some degree in the planning process. Any reasonable hen will go-with-the-flow for the sake of the bride-to-be’s special occasion, but you don’t want them to be too uncomfortable or feeling out-of-place for most of the party. Be sure all the hens are considered in the plans and there’s a nice mix of things to be doing.

4. Hire Hen Party Transport

The journey is often more important than the destination – at least that’s what those inspirational quotes on Instagram seem to say! For a hen do, having all the ladies travelling together can lead to the best memories of all and increases the level of bonding and banter throughout the day, night or weekend.

You can be fancy and hire and limo or hummer – or simply hire a minibus. A nice idea might be to hire a vintage van or a party bus for the hen party.

5. Hen Party Packs

Hen party packs for all the hens can be a really nice way to make everybody feel special. A hen party pack can include all sorts of items these days. It might include practical bits and bobs like facial wipes, painkillers and the like. It might include something to keep the theme of the hen party going or it might be full of treats and nice surprises. Weddings Online has a great article on hen party packs if you want some lovely ideas.

Hen Party Survival Kits

Image Credit: weddingsonline.ie

6. Keep Costs Sensible

As we’ve discussed above, there’ll be a mix of characters at the hen party. Some might be college students, some might be pensioners and one thing is for sure, there’ll be a difference in the level of funds available to each hen on the invite list. It’s best not to price people out of the hen party, there might be girls who are very important to the bride that wouldn’t make it due to the cost and that’s going to be a shame!
Not everybody has bags of money to spend on a night or weekend away, especially when there’s a big wedding on the horizon too (which is costly to attend too).

7. Timing the Hen Party

Most people would say that 4-6 weeks before the wedding days is the perfect time to take the bride-to-be away. It’s just close enough to the big day, but not so close that the bride will be stressed about taking time away from the wedding preparations.

Oh… and on timing, don’t forget to give all the hens plenty of notice of the hen party. There’s a lot that they might need to consider, such as travelling back from abroad, taking time off work, babysitters and so on. Life – you know- it can get in the way if you don’t plan accordingly.

8. A Fantastic Hen Party Gift & Memento For The Bride-To-Be

Here at Boogiecat Designs, we love to put smiles on people’s faces and with our scribble board hen party personalised toon, the smiles will last for years. We’ll create a toon featuring the bride-to-be, which will have scribble sides, so all the hens can leave messages for her – this will then be framed. The lucky bride-to-be will be able to look back at it forever and remember the fun time she had with all the girlies at her hen party.


Now You…

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