Wedding Reception Fun Ideas

5 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas… Make It Extra Fun For All Your Guests

At your wedding reception, it can be tough to ensure your guests are being kept entertained throughout the day. It’s a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure there are plenty of things to do. You can also help people at your wedding to break-the-ice and have a bit of craic together if you plan it well.

There’s nothing worse than thinking your guests are stuck waiting around at any point during your big day. Here are a few ideas to make sure your guests won’t get bored at your wedding reception and instead, will be thoroughly entertained all day and night.

A Photo Booth (With Props)

This is something that has been all-the-rage at wedding receptions for a few years now, it has almost become a standard at this stage. People love it! It’s wholesome fun, plus the fun will last well beyond your wedding day, as you look back at the photo collection featuring your guests having a ball on your wedding day. Not only is it a fun memento for everyone, but it allows your guests to begin letting loose while the bridal party are off getting their professional shots done – which means you can rest assured they’re enjoying themselves in your absence.

wedding reception fun photo booth

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Get A Vintage Van With Cocktails (Or Prosecco)

What could be better than cocktails at a wedding reception? Nothing. There are a few of these available out there, such as Little Pig who supply vintage Citroen H-Vans for weddings, which are decked out in style with vintage props and decor, perfect for your wedding. They have a few different offerings, such as ice-cream or prosecco, but we’re suggesting cocktails!

Wedding reception fun vintage van with catering options

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Entertaining Kids At Your Wedding Reception

For parents of young children, your wedding reception can be more stressful than anything else. Trying to keep the little ones amused and out of trouble will really take away from the joyful experience of your wedding day for the parents. In recent years there have been some very cool ideas being introduced to weddings, that are designed to cater for the younger wedding guests. This is good news. After all, happy kids mean happy parents.

For example, some venues will offer babysitting services. The idea is that a Garda vetted, experienced childminder will come to the hotel and take care of the wee one’s for you – which is very handy indeed. Apart from that, there are several other little touches you can add to the day so as to entertain the kids, giving the parents a bit of space to enjoy themselves.

  • Outdoor games (weather permitting), such as hula hoops, skipping ropes, hopscotch, Frisbees, mini-kites and the likes would all be great distractions for kids.
  • Classic board games are a great idea, for all ages. Think Connect4, Jenga, Guess Who …etc. What a nice little feature to have for kids, big and small.
  • Give them their own area. If possible, it would be great to have a section in the venue where the kids can congregate and call their own. Maybe there would be a TV with some suitable movies playing, or you could hire a mobile play centre, such as Fun ‘n’ Frills who offer Ireland’s only in room activity area. It features lots of clever ways to make the day really fun for the children too.
  • Crayons and colouring sheets. Just like at all good family restaurants, you can think of the parents’ sanity with this small but effective trick. You can print an array of colouring sheets off from online for free and you can buy bulk packs of crayons at a decent price too. Easy peasy. Print some colouring sheets for your wedding day from here.

If you want more ideas, One Fab Day has some good tips on how to entertain kids at your wedding here.

Wedding reception fun for kids with mobile play centre

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An Interactive Food Installation

From retro sweet carts to crisp sandwich making stations – there are loads of interesting ways for you to go here. It’s something with personality that you want. Something that breaks the typical run of order which people have come to expect at a wedding reception. A nice surprise and maybe a new culinary experience for your guests. Some fun food ideas for a wedding reception are:

  • A Fondue Bar
  • An Ice Cream Machine
  • Carnival-Style Popcorn
  • A S’mores Station

For more quirky food ideas, see this piece from One Fab Day.

Wedding Reception Fun Food Ideas

Popcorn Bar Image From: One Fab Day

Crazy Golf Wedding Hire

This one is fun for kids as well as adults. A nice little feature for everyone to have a laugh. There’s a company who hires a portable crazy golf course out for weddings. It’s particularly nice if one of the couples are golf enthusiasts’.  They also do snooker golf and darts golf (an inflatable dart board game). Sure why not?

Wedding Reception Fun With Crazy Golf Hire For Weddings

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Bonus Wedding Idea: A Fun & Personalised Message Board

Why not have your guests leave messages on a frame around a toon version of the bride and groom. Boogiecat Designs can create a completely unique framed toon and mount it on a message board. This is a fab touch for all your guests to enjoy. They can leave messages for you, which you can read when all the wedding madness is over. It’s a unique keepsake for you, as well as being a feature at your wedding reception. It makes an interesting alternative to a wedding guest book.

Wedding reception fun personalised toon message board

Wedding reception fun personalised toon message board


Now You…

Comment below if you’ve any experience with the above ideas or if you have some other fun wedding ideas, maybe?

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